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About Oceanside Aviation Limited.

Oceanside Aviation Limited was founded in 2005 by John Webber. Oceanside Aviation Limited has been serving as a maintenance provider for a small number of commercial and private operators, mainly in Nova Scotia and PEI.  John's extensive amount of experience has been vital to the companies success over the years.  John remains involved in the company to this day and serves as the Accountable Executive and Company President.  

Recently John's son, David has joined the team here at Oceanside Aviation Limited as the PRM. David most recently has been working in the Aerial Survey World and has traveled extensively maintaining a fleet of single and twin engine survey planes throughout North America.  David brings a renewed spirit of growth to the business, as we look forward to earning your trust and business.

Our primary goal here at Oceanside Aviation Limited is to provide the Aviation Community in Atlantic Canada with a professional Aircraft Maintenance Organization.  We understand that a healthy relationship between Aircraft owner / operator and maintenance provider is the key to positive ownership experience. We accomplish this through education and trust! The better you understand your aircraft and the process required to maintain it's airworthiness the better the relationship between the customer and the maintenance service provider will be. 

We invite you to be part of the process and be involved in your annual inspection. Working along side our highly experienced staff you will see first hand what is required to maintain your aircraft. Most annual inspections can be flat rated so that you have an understanding of cost before we get started. All snags and additional work required will be discussed with you and estimates of cost provided. 

Call today to book your annual inspection or to discuss your commercial operator maintenance requirements.

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