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Annual Inspections

We invite you to be part of the process and be involved in your Annual Inspection. Working beside our highly experienced staff you will see first hand what is required to maintain your aircraft. Most annual inspections can be flat rated so that you have an understanding of cost before we get started. All snags and additional work required will be discussed with you and estimates of cost provided. Call today to book your Annual, or to receive a quote please email us through the contact page.

Commercial Operator Maintenance Services

Oceanside Aviation Limited AMO 1-05 is ready to provide your Commercial Operation with the professional Aircraft Maintenance it deserves. 

Depending on the size of your fleet we can arrange for maintenance to be done at either our facility in Debert, NS, or at your location by setting up a Satellite Base of Operations.

Structural Repairs

Our AMO 1-05 holds approvals for Sheet metal structures as well as wooden structures. Our staff is also very experienced with fabric coverings.

Engine Repair & Overhaul

We also provide Engine Repair & Overhaul services on Non Specialized Engines. Call today for details.

Non Destructive Testing

Oceanside Aviation Limited can also provide NDT services.

*(UT) Ultrasonic Inspection. Level 2

*(NT) Liquid Penetrant Inspection. Level 3

*(PT) Magnetic Particle Inspection. Level 3

Oceanside Avionics AM​​O 1-06

Oceanside Aviation can also provide Avionics services.

*ELT annual re-certification and battery replacement

*Transponder & pitot static 24 month re-certification

*Avionics installation & repairs

Aircraft Recovery

If the unthinkable does occur and your aircraft is damaged. We are ready to assist and recover your aircraft without causing any further damage.

Mobile Maintenance services

Ask about our Mobile Maintenance Services. If you can't get to us we will come to you! Float plane maintenance, emergency repairs away from base or scheduled maintenance at your location.  Travel expenses may apply. Call today.

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